An experience to find the hero within us.

The hero in the ancient times was the figure to follow a guideline in the course of life. He set the standards of rome. He was the one who through his personal struggles managed to become god. 

In this activity we will use the myth of Theseus; to follow the steps of every hero. We will dive into the deeper meaning of Theseus’s labours and we shall watch the course of his life from youth to maturity, we will examine his decisions as the first King of Athens as well as the ones of his personal life.

Our weapons of choice are storytelling, theatrical games and philosophical discussion.

Iced herb tea, fruits and snacks will be served.

Our aim is to reflect on the archetypal meaning of hero that lays in inside us all.

The duration of this act is 2 hours.

Additional Info

This event is available on demand and is appropriate for teenagers over the age of 14. The play could be held in English, therefore a basic knowledge of one of these languages is required. Recording (audiotaping or videotaping) during the performance is not allowed. This group activity will have a minimum of  15 and a maximum of 40 travelers.