Join us for a playful stroll from the Ancient Agora to the Herakleidon Museum. Walk with us through the alleyways of Thissio while Hesiod’s poem Theogony unfolds. Follow our actors to Herakleidon Museum’s yard to play the Plato’s Cave allegory. Enjoy a private tour of the Museum’s exhibits. Form a circle and dance to the ancient rhythms. Live the myth!

Walk with us through the picturesque alley’s of Thissio and get ready for the myth of Theogony to be replayed before your eyes.

Our stroll will lead to the museum Herakleidon. There, you will be treated with “nectar” (cold herbal tea), before the main act – “The allegory of Plato’s Cave” – unfolds. Through this experience you will gain a deeper understanding of the allegory. We will help you see beyond the shadows, towards the true essence of being.

Such an apocalypse calls for an ancient greek dance! Let’s celebrate life… in a dancing circle! Sit back, reflect and discuss, with ancient Greek sweets (ancient recipes: of course ;-)).

Now let’s leave the magnificent pebbled courtyard of the museum and see what the first floor has to offer us…”EUREKA”. This exhibition “Automata” presents reproductions of famous automated ancient machines, which were used to predict physical phenomena or just to impress others. Our actors will showcase the use of the most known specimens, such us the walking robot of Hero and Philo, and the Antikythera Mechanism. Let us show you how diachronic the ancient wisdom is and how you can savour the best of it.


  • Water, cold herbal tea, sweet treats
  • Entry/Admission – Museum Herakleidon

Additional Info

Confirmation will be received at time of booking. This event is appropriate for teenagers over the age of 14. Due to uneven surfaces, this tour is not recommended for those with walking disabilities or using a wheelchair.

The play will be held in English, a basic knowledge of the language is required.

Recording (audiotaping or videotaping) during the performance is not allowed.

This group activity will have a minimum of  6 and a maximum of 15 travelers.

Plato’s Cave Trailer