300x300 mania

Mania Diagoupi – Actress

Mania Diagoupi has chosen an artistic path from an early age. She wrote short stories, poetry and played in many theatrical plays. She has finished the theatrical school, founded a theatrical team, and played in many theatrical plays. Her core values are integrity and mutual respect. Her goal is to tell stories through which people will have a unique meaningful and uplifting experience.

300x300 alexandra

Alexandra Charalambidou – Actress

Alexandra Charalambidou studied acting intensively from the 1997 tο 2003 in the schools of IASMOS, KEA, Theatrical workshop of Kallithea  Municipality, American College of Greece and as she says she has never stop learning. Alexandra has a strong presence yearly in the Greek theatrical plays, and has also played roles in movies and tv series.

300x300 denny

Denny Argyropoulou – Actress

Denny Argyropoulou has a B.A in Performing Arts of Queen Margaret University Edinburgh. Denny has worked as a theatrical actress, as a singer, as a performer in video clips and films. She is able to express herself or the vision of a director through acting, singing and dancing.


300x300 panagiotaras

Nikos Panagiotaras – Professor

Nikos Panagiotaras studied Psychology of Literature in Saint Louis, Missouri, he also studied Educational Phychology, World Literature, English Literature and Philosophy in Nations History. He was a tutor of World Literature in the universities of Fontbonne, Saint Louis, Washington and Saint Louis. He worked as foreign student’s advisor in the universities of Notre Dame, Indiana, Saint Louis and Missouri. He has published three poetry collections and two short stories. Today he teaches Philology, is a member of “The Impact of Greek Literature in the Western Civilization”, at U.C.L.A., University of California, Los Angeles and a member of The Greek Story.

300x300 Julie

Julie Vompirellah – Actress


300x300 achilleas

Achilleas Stelios – Musician