Join us for a playful stroll from the Ancient Agora to the Herakleidon Museum. Walk with us through the alleyways of Thissio while Hesiod’s poem Theogony unfolds. Follow our actors to Herakleidon Museum’s yard to play the Plato’s Cave allegory. Enjoy a private tour of the Museum’s exhibits. Form a circle and dance to the ancient rhythms. Live the myth!

Theseus Myth

In this activity we will use the myth of Theseus; to follow the steps of every hero. We will dive into the deeper meaning of Theseus labours and we shall watch the course of his life from youth to maturity, we will examine his decisions as the first King of Athens as well as the ones of his personal life.

Make your Dream an Experience

Share with us your dream and let us create an experience just for you.

Take part in an authentic Greek symposium. Arrive with your best spirits and let the Father of Reason, an Athenian aristocrat, guide you through a fun labyrinth of thought, supplemented with culinary and visual delights.

Ancient Greek Party

Party with the Ancient Greek couples that wrote history. Be prepared to learn a bit and laugh a lot throughout the sketches of famous Ancient Greek couples. Dance to the modern and ancient Greek songs. The satirical sketches are written by the awarded theatrical wrter Alexandros Valkanas; the musical and the party that follows is the artistic creation of the director Nikos Amoyntzas.