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Effrosyni Charami – CEO

Effrosyni is our CEO and a visioner with massive practical skills. She came up with the idea of a company that will offer the experience of ancient Greece addressing the Greek travel and leisure industry. Effrosyni and Nikos formed the team of The Greek Story. Her main focus is marketing and sales. Linkedin

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Nikos Amoyntzas – Director

Nikos Amoyntzas is our Director. He is the Co-Founder of The Greek Story and the person that guarantees the quality of every performance. Our hit plays have his directing signature. He is the person that brings the team together and provides the unique artistic dimension of The Greek Story. Facebook


Untitled design

Eleni Koulizaki – Philologist

Eleni Orithia Koulizaki is the philologist that inspires us and secures that our plays preserve the essence of the ancient scripts. Orithia’s life purpose is to preserve and make accessible the deep meaning of ancient Greek philosophy and myths. She is an author, a teacher, an artist and of course our muse! Linkedin Facebook


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Konstantinos Argyriou – Graphic Designer

Konstantinos Argyriou, is a logo and identity designer, specializing in graphic art.  He is always striving to come up with ‘out of the box ideas‘! He has experience in graphic designs and creating flyers and posters for various products and companies. He specializes in creating logos and building a company’s identity. Konstantinos is a new member of our team. We are honored that he has designed our logo and flyers. Dribbble  Behance


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Anthi Zahou – Wearable Art

Anthi Zahou is engaged with jewelry manufacturing since the 90s. She has attended seminars at the atelier of Maria Mastori, as well as the Technical Cast Jewelry of the Metallo Studio. Every piece of wearable art is unique and custom made. Her aim  is to discover ourselves beyond the ordinary through our everyday costumes. She has taken part in many exhibitions and her work is often displayed in fashion magazines. Anthi Zahou adds the final touch to our actors wardrobe by using her creations. Site Instagram Facebook


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Mania Diagoupi – Social Media Expert

Mania Diagoupi is an actress and our social media expert for the Greek Story. From an early age, she expressed herself through writing, poetry and theater. Her experience in the tourist industry and her social skills make her the ideal person to promote our activities. She has a solid understanding of how each social media channel works and delivers proper, interesting and engaging content. She is our social media voice! Facebook

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Erini Glaros – Reservation Manager

Erini Glaros is our Reservation Manager. She is a Greek American raised in Ohio, United States. After finishing her business studies at Youngstown State University she decided to move to Greece. She has a background in tourism and the hotel industry. Essentially she has served as food and beverage manager, reservations manager and front desk operator at small boutique hotels. Later on dedicating her time raising her two daughters. Erini is now ready to conquer the world of tourism once more through this remarkable path reviving ancient Greece.

300x300 Clara

Clara Polistena – Video Specialist

Clara is our video maker and editor. She has been travelling across the Mediterranean for several years, before landing at Athens in 2018. She has first approached the world of videography during her Master of Arts in Mediterranean studies, when she used audiovisual material to disseminate the results of her research on social issues. She is now following a video journalism course in the Greek capital, while pursuing her dream to become an experienced storyteller. Her passion for narration and ancient mythology brought her close to “The Greek Story”, where she is capturing the magic created by its team, in order to share it with a wider audience. Ytube