Ancient Greek Party

Party with the Ancient Greek couples that wrote history. Be prepared to learn a bit and laugh a lot throughout the sketches of famous Ancient Greek couples. Dance to the modern and ancient Greek songs. The satirical sketches are written by the awarded theatrical writer Alexandros Valkanas; the musical and the party that follows is the artistic creation of the director Nikos Amoyntzas.

Dress like an ancient Greek and have fun in the spirit of euphoria. The best dressed participants will get extra credits and presents. There will also be some accessories for the not so prepared ones and a well-lighted set to take the best selfies. A professional photographer will be there to take and send some high quality pictures to capture the moments of this special night. The duration is 3 hours; 2 drinks (wine or beer) are included.

This event is available on demand. The play will be held in English, a basic knowledge of the language is required. Recording (audiotaping or videotaping) during the performance is not allowed. This group activity will have a minimum of  30 and a maximum of 120 travelers.