About Us

Effrosyni Charami is our visionary. She came up with the idea of creating experiences in which people may get an authentic taste of Ancient Greece. Effrosyni brought together our innovative director and our cultivated philologist and witnessed magic happen! Her passion is to see travelers have the best time of their lives while learning about ancient Greek wisdom. Her business knowledge comes from the world of construction, as she has a ten-years experience as Mechanical Engineer. LinkedIn
Nikos Amoyntzas is our experienced director, able to bring history to life. Nikos has produced many theatrical and musical plays, such as “Melani and Happiness”, “Don’t tell me the truth”, “One day at a time”, “Cabaret” and more. He has collaborated with the classical orchestra of Athens and has presented his work in some of the most prestigious theaters, stages and festivals, such as Victoria Theatre, Gialino Mousiko Theatro, Architectoniki, Bourbon, Ghost House, Rythmos Stage and Technopolis. His signature is his artistic crew “Just Voice”. His challenge is now to direct meaningful plays in which the audience of The Greek Story might participate to the revival of Ancient Greek myths and history. YouTube
Eleni – Orithia Koulizaki is our passionate philologist, specialized in the Ancient Greek Philosophy. Orithia has a solid knowledge of the Ancient Greek language, the etymology of words and the deeper meanings of myths.  She is the author of “Etymology with Cards”, a book that helps children to learn Ancient Greek while having fun. She teaches at public and private schools, as well as in book clubs. Eleni also gives lectures all over the country and is a regular lecture guest in the online channel Friktories. The revival of Ancient Greece for travelers is something that she has anticipated! LinkedIn Facebook
Clara Polistena is our video maker and editor. She has been travelling across the Mediterranean for several years, before landing at Athens in 2018. She has first approached the world of videography during her Master of Arts in Mediterranean studies, when she used audiovisual material to disseminate the results of her research on social issues. She is now following a video journalism course in the Greek capital, while pursuing her dream to become an experienced storyteller. Her passion for narration and ancient mythology brought her close to “The Greek Story”, where she is capturing the magic created by its team, in order to share it with a wider audience. YouTube